Long-Hair Robotic FUE

Long-Hair Robotic FUE

When you have a traditional FUE procedure, you need to clip the hair in the donor area as close to the scalp as possible. For 10-14 days after the procedure, your donor area will be red and crusty as it is healing and it may be noticeable that you had a hair transplant. Since this can be a temporary cosmetic problem for some patients, the long-hair Robotic FUE procedure was created. With this procedure, patients can go right back to their normal routine immediately after their procedure.

This technique calls for the patient growing their hair on the sides and back of the scalp so that it can cover the harvested area. During the procedure, the hair will be lifted and a long band of donor hair will be clipped and follicular units will be extracted from only this limited part of the scalp. Once the procedure is completed, the patient will just comb their hair down to cover the donor area.

Long-hair Robotic FUE hair transplants are usually performed through either one long band or two separate parallel bands that will go over and under a liner donor scar. The corners will usually be rounded and the edges will be feathered so the clipped band will blend in easily with the hair around it.

This technique will only allow for 1,400-1,600 grafts in a single session at the most if one long, thin band is used. If the patient has long enough hair, it may be possible to harvest from a broader band that could possibly give 2,400 or more grafts in just one session. This will be contingent on the patient’s hair length, hair density and the physical dimensions of their permanent donor zone.


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