Female Hair Restoration

Female Hair Restoration

Women’s hair loss has been grossly neglected and ignored for years. Over 35% of women experience some hair loss and thinning over their lifetimes. The psychological impact can be severe especially when women have nowhere to turn for solutions. Dr. Yates understands this painful issue and is committed to providing good medical and surgical options for hair restoration in females.

Women suffer from hair loss for various reasons: sometimes due to physical or emotional stress, pregnancy, hormone imbalances, autoimmune disorders or medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Women also experience hereditary balding or a thinning hairline similar to the male population. Some women have overall thinning, some have recessed hairlines and many African American females suffer from traction alopecia from tight braids and extensions. Women, like men, can also suffer from scarring alopecia. After medical evaluation and diagnosis, all of these issues can be addressed very successfully with hair transplantation using either FUE or FUT. Female satisfaction with these procedures has been phenomenal!

Non-surgical hair restoration for women options such as PRP, low-level laser and Rogaine are successful as well!

Women’s appearances and self-confidence and esteem are dramatically improved. Dr. Yates customer satisfaction for this patient population is off the charts!


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