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After my hair transplant with Dr. Yates, I no longer worry about people staring at my bald scalp! I feel so much better about myself and my hair looks great!
Sara M.

Dear Dr. Yates,
I would like to thank you for helping my husband you have really changed his life and his confidence.

Dr. Yates,
Thank you for giving me back my self-esteem.

All I can say is I’m very happy with my hair and my dating life and my dating profile picture. I am getting more responses on line. Thank you Dr. Yates

It was difficult to find a doctor that would perform surgery on an African American. I did not want a scar. I had researched for over a year and finally I found you Dr. Yates. Thank you for taking the time explain the procedure and for doing my surgery.
I am the happiest person in the world when I walk and talk you can see how confident I am in myself and my hair. It feels good to be myself again. Thanks to you Dr. Yates

I am 46 years old. I had several hair transplants in my early 20’s and now have 3 large scars in the back of my head. Knowing what I know now and having to always worry about hiding my scars, I would have never had strip surgeries. It’s hard to know what will happen the next week when you are young, much less how your decisions will affect you when you are older. If I would have had the option to do an FUE procedure, that would have been a much better choice. I just had a Scar Repair procedure with Dr. Yates. He used the FUE technique to take hair and transplant into my scars. The procedure was great and virtually painless. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.
TP, Architect

Being a physician, I was very particular about my medical care. I chose Dr. Yates because of his medical training and skill in hair transplants. I had a hair transplant 1 year ago and if has made all the difference in the world. Being female, I had heard transplants did not work – I can personally attest that this is false! My hair looks natural and radiant!
Thank you Dr. Yates.

Dr. M Patel
I had 4 strip surgeries and one scar revision to help improve the appearance of the donor scar. To make matters worse, the scar revision made the scar even wider. I have now had FUE correction of my horrific scars in the back of my head by Dr. Yates and now I can cut my hair down to a #2 guard without anyone noticing my scars. I wish I would have known about Dr. Yates and his FUE procedure before I had my strip surgeries because I would have avoided them at all costs.
Gregory, CEO


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